The Maatwerk program is about music in which the rhythmic element plays the main role.
The recorder can realize the precision of a timepiece by its direct articulation.
Customization is also about music, which is custom made for Recorder ensemble Lunet. Jo van den Booren wrote an exciting composition for the ensemble. Lunet delivers Customized work to the listeners.
Works by Sören Sieg, Fulvio Caldini, Geoffrey Winters, Eileen Silcocks and Jo van den Booren

The Wrong Note

Musicians train endlessly to play no wrong notes.
Composers, on the other hand, write bad notes with the greatest pleasure. What’s up with that?
A composer may exceed colors and boundaries outside the lines. Even like.
The best composers from all ages are notorious offenders of the usual rules in style and taste.
They love to take unknown paths. And to write the most beautiful wrong notes.
Recorder ensemble Lunet plays with lots of wrong – and also good – notes.

Musical Labyrinth

Recorder ensemble ‘Lunet’ alternates carefree music with complex, musical wanderings.
For lonely recorder players Der Fluyten Lust-hof by Jacob van Eyck is a real pleasure ground full of solo pieces, in which the player can easily get lost.
In the Garden of Delights, Hieronymus Bosch paints the buttocks of one of his figures with musical notes. From pleasure garden to maze can only be a small step.
Can you escape from a musical labyrinth? Ultimately, our destiny is that we all end up in the cemetery.
Music from o.a. Machault, Purcell, Bach, and Stravinsky

Gradus ad parnassum: music lessons for dummies
Recorder ensemble Lunet follows in his program a talented student in his musical development on his way to the top (gradus ad parnassum). His journey of discovery leads from playing a single tone to masterful ensemble playing.
The listener receives a crash course in music lessons with a wink and a varied variety of music from the Renaissance to the present.
In connecting texts the pupil is challenged by his teacher musically and provided with a good deal of homework.
Music from o.a. Purcell, Bach, Byrd, Fischer, Lefebure-Wély and Stravinsky

Per cantare e sonare

Recorder ensemble Lunet takes up the challenge to imitate the colorful soprano voice of Elke Janssens in a rich selection of music from the 16th to the 18th century
Music from o.a. Attaignant, Grillo, Hassler, Coelho, Purcell and Vivaldi

Then no euro crisis

“Europäische Musique from the cinquecento and the seventeenth century”: Recorder ensemble Lunet fights the euro crisis with culture and opens its ears to our European heritage.
Music from o.a. Sweelinck, Lupi, Schein, Ferrabosco, Jenkins and Lassus

Wind against wind

In this program on the theme wind – wind against searching old melodies from all corners the field of tension with their underlying breath and root, which is almost endless.
Music from o.a. Erbach, Fiala, Pachelbel, Witzenmann, Mozart, Tansman, Whitehead, Telemann and Jo van den Booren (premiere)


A listening and discovery tour through unprecedented repertoire will illustrate the surprising versatility of the language of the musical instrument and of the recorder in particular.
Music by Isaac, Schein, Legrenzi, Pärt, Short, Manneke, Rimmer, Wanamo, Lehmann


Arcadia is the ideal country, which is sweet, unspoilt, pure and naive. There is hardly a musical instrument that can be associated with Arcadia more naturally than the recorder.
Music from Scheidt, Dowland, Bach, Vivaldi, Short, Van den Booren

Dancing through the ages

In ‘Dancing through the ages’ music swept from Medieval estampie to virtuoso folk music.
Music from Attaignant, Steffens, Dowland, Monteverdi, Purcell, Thompson, Tchaikovsky, Ponchielli, Joplin

Tempus fugit

The ‘Tempus fugit’ program investigated the relationship between time and sound in the past and present.
Music by Manneke, Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Winters

Leonardo da Vinci

Music from the 1st half of the 16th century recalled the time of Leonardo da Vinci.
Music by Josquin, Isaac, Obrecht, Ortiz, Attaignant

Resonet in laudibus

Christmas music from many centuries sounded like a concert where recorder ensemble and organ alternated.
Music by Praetorius, Sweelinck, Lassus

Green leaves, gray hair

Amorous entanglements under the title ‘Green leaves, gray hair’ were covered in a program with soprano voice and ensemble with music around 1600.
Music from Byrd, Dowland, Ferrabosco, Lawes, Vecchi, Du Caurroy

From war and ear dress

‘From war and ear dress’ was a story in sound and word around d’Artagnan and 17th century instrumental music in Europe.
Music from Scheidt, Gabrieli, Du Mont, Froberger, Schmelzer