Eveline Arnold | Hanna Gründer | Susan Houtman | Hanne Marie Janse | Mathieu Vermeulen

The five members of Recorder Ensemble Lunet are working as executive artists and teachers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Their music is inspired by their diverse musical activities, skills and experience.

The Lunet concert programs are always composed around a theme. This involves drawing on a broad repertoire of both old and new music, original or edited. Examples of recent programs are: Gradus ad Parnassum: Muziekles voor Dummies, Muzikaal Labyrint, De “Foute” Noot, and Maatwerk.

The ensemble performs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Also Lunet has performed two works by composer Jo van den Booren, which were specifically assigned to the ensemble. Lunet enjoys to collaborate with other musicians, choirs and artists from a broad range of disciplines.

Blokfluitensemble Lunet