Contemplation de mystérieux Chérubins: hier te beluisteren

“Contemplation de mystérieux Chérubins” by Dusan Bogdanovic for chamber ensemble and 8 vocalists. Performed at the Spegtra Aachen Festival in 2018. Conductor Mathis Gross; Rada Geffroy, solo mandolin; Ensemble Sine Nomine: Soprano- Anja Dewey, Kirsten Willnat; Alto- Verena Datené, Andrea Fühner; Tenor- Marco Fühner, Stefan Lenders; Bass- Andreas Dewey, Manuel Stamm; Ensemble La Banda and Ensemble Lunet: Recorders: Christian Seher, Eveline Arnold, Hanna Gründer, Susan Houtman, Hanne Marie Janse, Mathieu Vermeulen; Haruno Ikeda-Sprotte – Viola da Gamba; Chihoon Choi – Contrebasse. Recording and mix by David Ropertz. Published by Editions Doberman-Yppan 2018.